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Derrick Gates embodies the essence of a modern-day Renaissance man—a life transformed from the wild and tumultuous to one of profound purpose and impact. Emerging from the shadows of a past marked by violence and lawlessness, Derrick's journey led him to the brink of destruction before a divine intervention redirected his path.

With unwavering faith as his anchor, Derrick conquered his demons, emerging from the depths of despair to embrace a life of sobriety and service. Over two decades strong, he stands as a testament to the power of redemption and resilience.

Derrick's expansive repertoire spans far beyond the confines of his past, transcending boundaries as a catalyst for change. From planting nearly 40 churches to navigating the corridors of corporate power as a Fortune 500 mediator and management trainer, he leaves an indelible mark wherever he treads.


But his impact doesn't end there—Derrick is a multifaceted force, weaving his talents as an author, film director, actor, comedian, TV host, podcaster, and nationally recognized politician into the fabric of society.

Yet amidst his myriad accomplishments, Derrick finds his greatest pride and fulfillment in the loving embrace of his family—the three beautiful daughters, an extraordinary son, an incredible son-in-law, and a steadfastly supportive wife who stand as his pillars of strength.

Driven by an unyielding commitment to greatness—for his God, his family, and his nation—Derrick Gates epitomizes the transformative power of purpose-driven living. Through his unwavering resolve and boundless passion, he continues to forge a legacy that inspires and empowers all who dare to dream.

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