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Below you will find many of the issues that I find important. If the issues that concern you are not listed, it does not mean that I'm not concerned about them. Please message me so we can discuss it. 


I believe that life happens at conception and I have championed this cause for 20 years.


Today, the leftist culture is pushing to eliminate the Constitution as we know it. They call our Constitution and the Bill of Rights archaic and out of date. We must push to preserve the foundation of our Nation. It is the only way to ensure our 1st and 2nd Amendments stay at the forefront of who we are.  


As a parent, we have the right to raise and educate our children the way we see fit. We need to take back our education system. We must stop dangerous curriculum like CRT from endangering our children. Our kids are being taught that minorities will always be victims and whites should feel shame for being born white. This is dangerous to our future. We are all born equal. 


Crime is at an all time high. Criminals are empowered by liberal D.A.'s and support from the left. Smash and grabs, murders, rapes, riots, carjackings, and assaults are skyrocketing. We must support the police and get them all back to work. We also need to protect our borders from violent crime and drug trafficking. 


It is time to bring business back to the United States and more specifically bring business back to California. We must lower taxes and drop useless regulations that are meant to keep the left rolling in money while others are stuck in red tape. 


Moving forward, we must ensure that we have free and fair elections. I have a plan that will provide a safe and effective way to ensure that all people have their voices heard. 


As someone who has experienced homelessness in my life, this is a subject that is close to my heart. We must bring back significant mental health care and addiction treatment. We also must provide substantial job training and placement. We should use the thousands of existing empty government-owned buildings to provide short and long-term housing for those that want and need help. Los Angeles has thousands of unused buildings owned by the city, state, and federal governments. Stop wasting resources.


The time should over for public servants who have spent decades collecting paychecks off of your backs. At the same time, they cash in on "legal" insider trading. Why should congressional officeholders be able to park in DC longer than the president of the United States? Let's end the madness. Term Limits are a must!


Proposed laws like the Green New Deal threaten the livelihood of workers in the fossil fuel industry. As a Christian, I believe we should take care of our environment, but we should follow real science and a plan that does not destroy our economy and our livelihoods. 


Small businesses should not have to compete on the same playing field as big corporate box stores. Cut the taxes, cut the regulations and bring small businesses back to the communities. 


Public servants have made a lifetime business out of keeping secrets from We the People. They vote on laws that affect our everyday lives without even reading what's in the proposed bills. We spend billions upon billions of dollars on programs and black-hole projects. I pledge that our team will read every proposed bill and post it in its entirety with all the secret spending and amendments hidden within. Unlike many in office today, I will actually engage, debate, and vote for the people.

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